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BVBA Minutes for Meeting Held on May 7, 2013

1. The meeting was held at King Ludwig’s Restaurant at 8:30 a.m. It was called to order by President Cary Sanger.

2. A thank you was extended to Lester Nunn for handing out the meeting announcement flyers.

3. Domenic Urbano, owner of a new gallery in town, called, “Twisted Cliff” announced that he would be opening on Friday, May 10, 2013. He is located in the space previously occupied by “Wooly Bully” the old yarn shop.

4. It was announced that the Fudge Hut has a new owner and also that the Purple Pot was closing. Their current space will be filled by the Village Alps candy store.

5. Kevin Rieke, Chamber Board President, announced that Chamber Board Members will be going out to meet business owners to inquire about how they can help businesses. He said they also are looking into the impact on storefront restaurants of the food street vendors that set up during the Christmas Lighting Festival.

6. It was announced the US Representative Dave Riechert will be in Leavenworth, dropping by various businesses.

7. A request for volunteers to carry the large bells in the Maifest parade was made. It was announced that the renovated Gazebo would be dedicated after the parade.

8. A mailing was sent to 817 properties in Leavenworth, for the Rediscover Your Leavenworth event, at a cost of $130. The drawing will happen on June 6 at the celebration in the Gazebo, from 5:30 to 7:30.

9. We do not have enough funds to cover the $1,000 prize. We will have to pull from our general fund in order to cover the cost.

10. It was announced that we do not have any golfers signed up for the June 13 golf tournament. It was decided that the tournament will be postponed until September.

11. It was decided that we will no longer be placing a paid article in the Leavenworth echo. We may consider creating a quarterly newsletter.

12. The next meeting will be held on May 21. The meeting was adjourned.



Next Stop Leavenworth!

We will once again be a destination stop for the Empire Builder Route between Chicago, Illinois and Seattle WA. The addition of the Leavenworth station is the first in many years and more than 8 years of effort and partnership building have been diligently tended to by the City of Leavenworth, Amtrak, BNSF and funding agencies.

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